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Hi – I’m David and this blog is all about how to thrive living a renter lifestyle.  Whether you rent housing, cars, goods, or services, I’ve got you covered.

The renter lifestyle gives you freedom. 

You are not tied down to assets and are not stuck with something that you bought.  You can pick and choose what suits you best.  You can enjoy everything life has to offer without crazy commitments of time and money.

Many articles here focus on landlord-tenant issues because that’s really my area of expertise. Like most people, I have rented out places for many years, so I definitely know all of the trials that go with being a renter (even when you do everything right).

But then I became a landlord and got to know that side of the equation as well. I own multiple rental properties and have been an active landlord for over 10 years, so I have seen it all. My purpose is to give you a inside view of how landlords think (and what they are supposed to do) so you can successfully navigate any disputes or issues you encounter in your rental journey.

I hope you find something useful here to help you and please let me know if you have questions or would like to know more about a particular topic.  I love to get ideas from my readers.

Cheers and happy renting!

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