What Are the Best Sites to Rent Sneakers?

Want to get access to the latest and greatest super high-end sneakers without paying the astronomical price tag?  We got you covered.

We found three sites that cater to sneakerheads who want to rent out premium sneakers for a weekend or special occasion.  Or they can mix and match sneakers over time and get to experience a wide variety of the best that the sneaker industry has to offer.

We will cover each site in detail (including pricing when available) so you can compare them and choose which site is right for you.

Let’s get into this!


The Process:

Teneez has a pretty straightforward and flexible approach to sneaker rental.  You pay a fee to get access to a “trial” of a sneaker.  If you like it, you can buy it after the trial.  If you don’t want to buy, you just return it.

If you visit their site, you can see their selection of sneakers.  When I looked, it seemed like a pretty decent collection.

You select the sneakers you want and then you are taken to a screen where you can choose your size if it’s available.  If they don’t have your size, you can get on the waitlist.

On that same screen, you choose the length of your trial – it can be 4 days or 8 days.  Based on what you choose, you are given your trial price and your purchase price (if you buy it).

I would choose 8 days – there usually is only a $10 difference between the two options.

Finally, you get to select the dates for your trial (subject to availability) and you are on your way.

Terms and Conditions:

According to their terms and conditions, if you want to return the sneakers after your trial, you must do it before the specified date with everything intact, including laces, lace locks, shoe box, shoe box tissue paper, insoles, extra laces, shoe trees, etc.

If you don’t do this, you will be hit with replacement fees.  So don’t lose anything.

If the sneaker is returned in significantly worse condition, then Teneez may take action.  Minor stuff like dirt and dust is not an issue, but if you really damage the sneaker, you may be hit with a brutal fee equal to 1.5 times the market price of a new replacement sneaker.

If you’re late returning it, you will get hit with late fees.  If you don’t return it after 20 days past due, it will be considered stolen and they will charge you the equivalent of 1.5 times the market value of a new replacement sneaker.

They also state that they may call the cops on you, so probably a good idea not to “forget” to return the sneakers.

They allow refunds (for a small fee) if you notify them at least 5 days before the order is shipped, but once it’s shipped you are out of luck.

KYX World

The Process:

KYX World has a bit of a different process.  They are a subscription service, which means you pay a monthly fee and get access to available sneakers in your plan.  There are four levels of the service. The chart below shows the pricing and details for each level.

Level One

Level Two

Level Three

Level Four





1 sneaker at a time

2 sneakers at a time

3 sneakers at a time

4 sneakers at a time

Up to 100+ styles, up to $300

Up to 250+ styles, up to $600

Up to 300+ styles, up to $1,200

Up to 400+ styles, up to $2,000

Monthly shipment value $300

Monthly shipment value $600

Monthly shipment value $1,200

Monthly shipment value $2,000

Source: KYX World

Terms and Conditions:

You get to hold on to your sneakers for the month.  If you want to try something new the next month, you can return the existing pair for a new pair.  If you like them, you can hold on to them for the next month (in which case you won’t get a new pair).  If you really like them, you can buy them too.

They promise 100% authenticity, no shipping fees, and professional cleaning of the shoes before you get them (UV rays, the works).  As long as you return your sneakers in good condition (normal wear and tear is ok), you are good.

LSWOP Luxury Swap

The Process:

These guys have a different business model entirely.  In order to buy their sneakers (or even see their full selection), you need to request an invitation to join their membership.

If you get accepted, then you can see their entire collection.

According to their terms and conditions, they will run a background check on you and may pull your credit.

Memberships are annual and if you cancel early, there will be a penalty (20% of the remaining cost).  They have 3 tiers of membership with different pricing.  Obviously, the more you pay, the better your options.  But they offer a 1 month trial membership if you want to test them out.

You rental period for each sneaker is 4 days and you do not have the option of buying them.

They have a “Sneak Peek” link, where you can check out a limited version of their entire collection.

When I looked at the Sneak Peek collection, they seemed to include many of the ultra high-end sneakers you would expect to see (Addidas Yeezy Boost, Balmain, Balenciaga, Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton, etc.)

Here’s a chart showing their pricing and terms:

Gold Package

Platinum Package

Diamond Package




1 sneaker

2 sneakers

3 sneakers

If paid in full, $1,600 per year

If paid in full, $3,200 per year

If paid in full, $4,800 per year

Free LSWP sock with 1st rental

Free LSWP sock with 1st rental

Free LSWP sock with every rental

Custom wood sneaker box

Custom wood sneaker box

Custom wood sneaker box


Special invitation to monthly promotions

24 hour advance access to new and exclusive inventory

Special invitations to monthly promotions and VIP access to LSWP private events

Source: LSWOP

Terms and Conditions:

They offer free shipping and returns of sneakers.  When you sign-up, you give them your shoe size, but if the sneakers don’t fit, you get a one-time courtesy swap for a different size.

You must return the sneakers on-time or you will get hit with penalties, etc.  Like the other sites, you must return the sneaker in relatively undamaged condition or you will be charged major fees (i.e., equal to 2 times the retail value of the sneakers).

Finally, all sneakers come with sole protectors that you must keep on.  You will get hit with penalties if you take them off.

Like the other sites, they want to make sure they protect their investment.  Just follow the rules and you should be fine.


Each of these sites has a different take on sneaker rentals, with different plans and price points.

If you are looking for a one-off rental for a special occasion, then Teneez may be right for you.  But if you want a steady stream of sneakers coming in each month, one of the subscription services may be a better fit.